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Waco Spider Control

The Miraculous Eyesight Of The Jumping Spider

A Jumping Spider is not your typical spider. For one thing they are not in need of web-building to catch their prey. In fact, the majority of spiders that do rely on web-spinning to catch prey only rely on the web because web-spinning spiders lack the necessary visual acuity to spontaneously pounce onto their prey…

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Grub Kitchen!

The very first insect-based restaurant in the western world has just opened in the U.K. All of Grub Kitchen’s food is made primarily from insects. The restaurant itself is bright and homely. The building was originally an old tin-roofed farm shed, and tables are made from disused railway sleepers. The whole place has a very…

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It’s big and exotic – the wolf spider

It’s big and exotic – the wolf spider Typically these creatures are found at night in south western desert regions. They are nocturnal and feast on beetles and other insects. However, if bitten by one, a human can experience the same symptoms of a nasty hornet’s sting. The wolf spider is known to overpower its…

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Return to sender

Return to sender What would you do if you received a package, marked return to sender, only to find a very large and very aggressive tarantula inside? This happened to a homeowner recently and left him stunned. When the homeowner received a package addressed to the previous tenant, he decided to open it only to…

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Gliding Spiders Make an Appearance | Texas Spider Control

Gliding Spiders Make an Appearance A recent science journal published the first study done on various animals that have gliding or flying potential. Among the animals that the group studied, it included a unique kind of spider that is relatively thin compared to how large the spiders are. These flat spiders, which live in the…

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Community of Spiders Moves into Texas | Waco Spider Control

The Hollywood Spider horror films have led to many nightmares in the past, but nothing on the big screen could prepare anyone for truly seeing spider webs consuming entire groups of trees like they recently did in Rowlett, Texas. Down a single road filled with trees, entire webs covering the leaves and branches of these…

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Aussie Spiders!

Aussie Spiders! Australia is home to many dangerous and deadly species of spiders. Though Australia is infamous for venomous spiders, according to the experts you are more likely to die of a bee sting than a spider bite on Australian shores. The records shows that no one has died from a spider bite since 1981.…

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Siege of Australian Town Won by Tarantula Army

Siege of Australian Town Won by Tarantula Army A new species of tarantula is in town.  Rather, they’ve taken over the town.  The number of spiders roaming the streets of Maningrida, Australia is estimated to be 25,000.  The town’s human population is a little over 2,000. High populations of spiders usually equate to 200 or…

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Venomous Spiders: The Ten Most Dreaded | Waco Spider Control

Venomous Spiders: The Ten Most Dreaded Recognize them, understand them and avoid them. Ten:  Yellow Sac Spider Inflicts a bite that resembles the horrific MRSA infection.  The actual toxicity of this spider’s venom isn’t settled, but in some instances it causes necrotic tissue.  Rarely attacks humans. Nine: Fringed Ornamental Tarantula This variety has large fangs,…

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