Being Wary of Wasps

Let’s be honest. Wasps are scary. They seem to get angry at the slightest provocation, can sting you multiple times, and will swarm even if you just bug one of their members. For these and many other reasons you want to be especially careful of staying on their good side. Here are some tips that…

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Stinging Safety | Waco Wasp Control

Stinging Safety With the warmer temperatures throughout the country this fall season stinging insects that would usually be hibernating by now are still out and about. It’s important to keep an eye out for them, as severe allergic reactions to insect stings cause 50 deaths a year. There are easy steps you can take to…

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What makes wasps be such jerks?

What makes wasps be such jerks? Who knew that just like humans, bad behavior of wasps turns out to be family related? Wasps are very village family oriented, doing their work on a daily basis for the good of the group instead of the good of just one. Every year hornets and yellow jackets will…

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