Female Velvet Spiders Let Their Nieces and Nephews Eat Them

I’ve heard of mothers that eat their own children, as well as ones that let their children eat them, but I’ve never come across an aunt that is also willing to be consumed by her sibling’s kids. The African velvet spider is one of the few social spider species, living in large communal nests that…

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How Spiders And Insects Cause Vehicle Accidents

How Spiders And Insects Cause Vehicle Accidents Have you ever freaked out over the presence of a spider or insect while driving your car? If you have, then hopefully your fear did not result in a crash. It may not be hard to believe that spiders and insects can cause drivers to lose control of…

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The Spider That Lives In A Bubble

The diving bell spider lives a seemingly difficult, and probably frustrating life. This type of spider is the only spider to call the water its habitat. However, this spider does not have gills, so it is forced to build small submersibles that allow for underwater travel. Nature has endowed the diving bell spider with the…

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The Miraculous Eyesight Of The Jumping Spider

A Jumping Spider is not your typical spider. For one thing they are not in need of web-building to catch their prey. In fact, the majority of spiders that do rely on web-spinning to catch prey only rely on the web because web-spinning spiders lack the necessary visual acuity to spontaneously pounce onto their prey…

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Community of Spiders Moves into Texas | Waco Spider Control

The Hollywood Spider horror films have led to many nightmares in the past, but nothing on the big screen could prepare anyone for truly seeing spider webs consuming entire groups of trees like they recently did in Rowlett, Texas. Down a single road filled with trees, entire webs covering the leaves and branches of these…

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Siege of Australian Town Won by Tarantula Army

Siege of Australian Town Won by Tarantula Army A new species of tarantula is in town.  Rather, they’ve taken over the town.  The number of spiders roaming the streets of Maningrida, Australia is estimated to be 25,000.  The town’s human population is a little over 2,000. High populations of spiders usually equate to 200 or…

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