Do You Live In A Region That Is Heavily Populated With Termites?

Americans have been falling victim to termite infestations ever since the colonial era. Nobody wants to see their property succumb to termite damage, so it is important to have your home regularly inspected by pest control professionals. Termites will continue to cost homeowners large sums of money in damage. Much of this damage could be…

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Are Termites Attracted To Wooden Garden Mulch?

Are Termites Attracted To Wooden Garden Mulch? Nobody wants to make their home a haven for termites, but many gardeners are attracted to the idea of using decorative wooden mulch in order to spruce up their gardens. Of course, wooden mulch is not used solely for gardens. Mulch can also be used to obscure unsightly…

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Termites Inspire Growth Instead Of Destruction For A Change

Termites Inspire Growth Instead Of Destruction For A Change Most people know termites as tiny destructive creatures, but termites are also capable of creating large tunneled structures that can reach heights of several feet. This ability has served as a model for engineers looking to create robots that could work together in order to build…

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The Drywood Termite! | Termite Control

The world is full of termites. In fact, there are over two thousand different termite species in existence right now and having termites can get pricey as they cause billions of dollars in damages every year. Termites are social insects that evolved from cockroaches, and this occurred before dinosaurs even existed. Termites can be boring…

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Signs of Termite Damage

Signs of Termite Damage It is not always possible for an untrained individual to see evidence of termites; however, homeowners can sometimes identify a potential termite problem by being vigilant in and around the home. If you see any of the following, it’s time to contact a pest professional who can immediately determine the extent…

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