How Long Have Bed Bugs Been A Problem?

Bed bugs originated in the tropics and have been annoying people for a very long time. They were first documented during the first century, and they are noted for their ability to hitchhike on people’s clothes or other sources of fabric. Bed bugs have likely been a problem for humans since day one, but there…

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The Swiss Army Versus Bed Bugs

You don’t hear about the Swiss Army too often. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t entirely sure the Swiss even had an army. It turns out that they do, though, and they’re currently fighting the battle to end all battles. While the Swiss tend to stay neutral in most wars, this is one in which they…

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Bed Bugs | Waco Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs Bed bugs have been around for a long time so it’s no news that they drive people crazy! According to a recent study, Pest Control Technology found that 60% of travelers who see bed bugs will switch hotels or demand a refund. The survey also found that business travelers were more tolerant because…

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Bed Bugs Are Back! 10 Tips To Protect Yourself

Bed Bugs Are Back! 10 Tips To Protect Yourself A gruesome thing about bed bugs is that you won’t know they’re there unless, usually, it’s too late. A responsible homeowner would usually call a pest control professional for precautionary measures, as these experts can help you guard against common invaders, and not just bed bugs.…

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