A Divorced Man May Have Deliberately Planted Termites Around His Ex-Wife’s House

A Divorced Man May Have Deliberately Planted Termites Around His Ex-Wife’s House

Some divorces are amicable, but most probably become pretty nasty. Divorce proceedings are never fun. Property and money are always divided during grueling court battles. These court battles always end with at least one party feeling as though he or she was cheated by the time all is said and done. It is certainly common for divorcees to hold grudges against their exes for a long while after divorces have been finalized. Everybody deals with their anger and personal problems in different ways, but one recently divorced man may have taken his feelings of resentment towards his former wife to creative, and cruel, extremes. According the the father of a woman who is now divorced, his daughter’s home is at risk of becoming infested by termites. People notice termite infestations every day, right? So what is the big deal? Well, strangely enough, the father believes that his ex son-in-law is responsible for attempting to infest his ex-wife’s home with termites. The father, who has not been named, believes his ex son-in-law planted the termites in order to seek revenge on his ex-wife.

In the Town of Berlin Township, Ohio the Erie Sheriff’s Office has been notified of this possible crime, and they have reported the odd accusation to interested news outlets. The authorities are not divulging the names of those involved, of course.

The father discovered the termites when he was cleaning out the garage of his daughter’s home, which he also owns. Initially, the father found a box in the garage that had been largely devoured by termites that were still present on the box. Soon afterwards, the father found a log infested with an abundance of termites located near his daughter’s house.

The father lives next door to his recently divorced daughter. So he is concerned about the state of his house as well. So far, he has not found any signs of termite damage to either his or his daughter’s house. He has already arranged for a pest control professional to inspect the two homes in order to prevent or treat an infestation.

Have you ever heard of anyone planting termites deliberately as a prank, or to cause harm? If the ex-husband did plant the termites, how do you think he safely transported the infested log to an area near his former wife’s home without risking an infestation himself? Do you think that the ex-husbands vehicle and home should be inspected for termites in order to help determine if he is responsible for transporting the termites?

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