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Local Pest Control Waco TX, Cleburne, Temple and Killeen.

Whether or not you see bugs and rodents very often, you should be giving regular pest prevention some thought. More than just being a nuisance, pests left unchecked can damage your home or business and carry diseases and allergies that affect people and pets long-term. GGA Pest Management is local and offers premium pest control Waco TX, Cleburne, Hillsboro, Temple, Killeen and surrounding cities and communities.  

We know that 90% of pests that inhabit the interior of your property, originate from the exterior. Our trained pest technicians have an eye for locating and removing any conducive conditions that may be causing your pest activity. By sealing off holes, cracks, vents, and other possible entry points for pests, we stop the infestation right at the source. 

Our General Pest Control Plans Remove and Prevent:

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Have Peace of Mind with 100% Guaranteed Services.

"This is our totally risk-free guarantee to you! If you're looking to protect your home and family, GGA Pest Management's preventative methods will provide the most EFFECTIVE control of all crawling insects and rodents - even those pesky ants! If your pest issues continue to persist, we’ll continue to provide service at no additional charge until you are satisfied."

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Customized Pest Control Plans That Actually Work.

GGA offers the most advanced pest control in Waco Texas, Temple, Killeen and surrounding communities. Custom pest plans designed to target, eliminate and prevent future pest infestations, backed with science and 40 years experience. 

Pest Pill Plan

Seasonal pest protection plan from general pest and rodent invaders. Quarterly service with a free re-service guarantee.

One-Stop Shot Plan

Our general pest protection plan coverage + advanced termite control. 24/7, 365 protection from Termites.

Add On Services

Mosquito control, Fire Ant Control, Home Seal & Exclusion services can all be added to your general pest control service to help achieve the ultimate pest-free environment.

Free Re-Services

Seeing bugs between quarterly services? Just email or give our office a quick call. We'll send a technician out for free to inspect and re-treat if needed.

Save on your first pest control service with us.

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Get $50 off your initial pest control service. New customers only. Valid with a signed quarterly agreement. Mention this exclusive online offer when booking your appointment or to your assigned technician, to redeem. 

Get $100 off your Sentricon Termite Baiting System installation by mentioning this online coupon.

Get $50 off your Fire Ant Prevention service yard application when you mention this online coupon. 

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Common Pests

GGA keeps your Texas home or business safe from uninvited pests such as these:

Ant infestations can be one of the hardest to get rid of and are commonly found inside of homes. Ants find their way indoors through cracks and gaps and are usually searching for food or nesting places. Finding ants in our around your home can be an extreme nuisance, especially when found in your food or on kitchen countertops.


There are many different things that attract spiders to your home. Usually, they are just looking for a safe place that also provides food and water. However, some spiders are far more dangerous than others, so it’s important to seek a pest control professional when found inside of your home.



Although mice and rats are a lot bigger than other household pests, they can be extremely difficult to spot and capture once you know they're present. If you know you have a mice or rat problem, you'll want to act quickly as they can cause severe damage to your home, carry diseases and can breed very quickly. 


You will normally find wasps nests in the eaves and doorways of your home. But, eliminating wasps nests can be extremely dangerous to do by yourself, so it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to remove without a pest control professional.


Silverfish, though small, can cause allergies in both humans and pets. They are nocturnal insects that tend to feed on decaying organic matter such as books and they thrive in damp places.

These strange looking bugs are night feeders, so they're not as easy to spot during the day. They traditionally feed on fungi and debris found in damp places. Earwigs can transmit bacterial infections to humans, so it's important to call a pest professional if one is found.

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